Bible Stories

Sargon and Eve

Sargon & EveDo you ever start off intending to write about one thing and no matter how much you try to stay on target, you keep shooting off an entirely different direction like a blog grocery cart full of one item and with a bad wheel (*squeak lurch squeak squeak lurch*) and although you’re desperately trying to steer back to what you set out to write about, you just… can’t – at least not until you’re s

Missing the Old Testament

Scary PreacherI don’t write many posts about Bible stuff, or faith in general. As incoherent as my posts may be, I try to remain tethered to topics at least remotely related to public education.

Mostly, though, I’m simply not a good spokesman for Christianity – nor is that my intent here. It’s neither a sermon nor theology. It’s merely a layman’s reflection.