General Strategies - Reading, Writing, Questioning, Thinking, Hanging Stuff On The Wall

Discussion HeadsThis page is mostly stuff I use in various workshops (and obviously in my own classroom as well). Most of what's here has been revised and updated on BlueCerealEducation.NET, although it will be a while before I take down this version.

Most of these approaches or activities can be used with a variety of content. I'm a Social Studies guy, so you'll see that bias, but some of them are quite cross-curricular if you're into that kind of thing (hey, it's the 21st Century - let's toss out those boundaries!)

For the stuff that doesn't lend itself to a simple page of instructions - or to experience these up close and interpersonal - you'll just have to book me to come work with your teachers. Don't fight it, you know you want to.

NOTE: Posted Powerpoints will show up as a page of garble if you merely click on them. You'll need to RIGHT CLICK and choose SAVE LINK AS in order to download it to your computer.