Debbie Matney - Response to #OklaEd Content Challenge

Apostrophe One

What inspired you to teach this topic? 

Flying, fickle, apostophes. Everywhere. Filling any empty space within a nano unit of an "s."

What does the lesson entail? 

A little of everything. Lecture (kids love hearing the words "flying fickle" and I love saying them). Text reading, written practice, and an illustration. Students create their own 'Apostrophe' and name it. Below, they write a "Possessive Apostrophe Example" related to their picture, a "Contraction Apostrophe Example" related to their picture, and a "NO APOSTROPHE Plural Noun Example" related to their picture.

What's your favorite part of the lesson? 

I'm torn, really. I LOVE the hanging apostrophe. The kids get the idea of "just hanging out" - and it just works. I also love the Apostrophe Creature portion, and not just because sixthies love to color  (read: stay silent and focused for more than 46.8 seconds), but because I get to say this: "The writing part is important, but the creative part is important, too. You know those apps everyone has on their phones? Well, the people who make those _didn't have apps_ when they were your age. But I bet they had really big, creative imaginations. So ... what does the apostrophe shape look like besides an apostrophe?"

Apostrophe Two

What do the kids learn? 

What DON'T they learn - that would be a shorter list. 

They learn to imagine more than what they see, and create it. 

They learn that writing well isn't easy, but it's worth it, and yes, Mrs. Matney will keep making you edit until it's perfect. 

I hope they get some of that valuable "grit" everyone talks about. 

And yeah, they learn to - shoot, they learn they are able to stop and think - a skill I hope prevents much more than flying fickle apostrophe syndrome.
Apostrophe Three

Apostrophe Four

Possessive: "The three swag alien's spaceship is red and green."

Contraction: "I've been on the swag spaceship before."

NO APOSTROPHE: "There are three swag aliens on the swag spaceship."

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