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If I'm to be so presumptuous as to assume you wish to read my blog and use my lessons, I might as well extend that presumption to the idea you care what I like to read. Besides, most of these people are MUCH smarter than me, although not all are nearly as charming.  

Online Articles - These aren't articles by me. It turn out that as brilliant as my stuff is, there are actually OTHER good bits scattered across the universe as well. I suppose this is nature's way of keeping some balance in the mix.

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My Favorite Documents & Online Sources - Some of my favorites edited and formatted for classroom use, and sites which specialize in that sort of thing. 

Edu-Books - I hope to flesh this one out a bit. At the moment it merely links to a recent post regarding teacher books you should buy for some holiday or another.


I attended one of your APSI training sessions at UT last summer, and I loved your "Avery Chase" scenario. I see that you have shared the documents created for other teachers, such as me, to use, however the PowerPoint that sets up the case and has instructions is not able to be viewed. I was wondering if you would be willing to share that with me over email so that I could borrow/steal your idea and use it with my own class this year. Thank you for your consideration.

Lindsay! Hello!

I worried the PPT links might act differently on different computers. Try right-clicking the PPT link and see if it gives you the option to "Save Link As" or something close to that. That should download it as a PPT. If that doesn't work, email me and I'll put it up on Dropbox. It's too big to email properly, and I suck at Google Docs. :-)

Thanks for the kind comments in #11ff. I sorta love you back. Your courage and persistence and commitment of time have contributed to real change in Oklahoma politics. I gleefully imagine current OK legislators tossing and turning at night, afraid that Oklahomans are Feeling the Berna a feeling that extends to the teachers who are actively shaking things up for themselves and their students. Kudos!

I did your Avery Chase scenario and the kids loved it. Then I decided that they should learn how to put the due process amendments to work and we had our SRO come and "arrest" the killer (class vote on who did it), read him his rights and then we put the "killer" on trial, going thru due process! The kids loved it and they are still totally ticked off at me because I told them I don't know who killed Avery Chase!!!!! They got so much out of that one assignment!! Took us 3 class days to do the trial and they all acquitted the suspect with only one hung jury!!!


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