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It's always iffy to post lesson ideas or strategies, let alone stuff as specific as handouts or Powerpoints one uses in class. So much of what works varies with the individual teacher, the situation, the students, the context... 

Then there's the freedom with which I grab pics, quotes, clipart, etc., from the Googlewebs and incorporate them into presentations and assigments without citation or care. I know most teachers do this, and that it's for the children, but if you discover something about which you have concerns, feel free to let me know. I'm not making any more money off of it than you are, I assure you. 

You are more than welcome to anything posted here (that is, of course, the idea). I make no promises regarding quality or pedagogy - you know what's best for your style, in your class, for your kids. But experience tells me one never knows what another educator might find useful. I've certainly borrowed more than my share over the years. 

General Strategies / Lesson Ideas - Stuff not tied to specific content. Inquiry, reading, writing, thinking, and of course several artsy-fartsy things to hang on the wall before parent night. 

Reading in Social Studies - Suggested books and thoughts on reading in Middle School & early High School H/SS classes. Curriculum reflects TX/OK/AR, but much of it's comparable to many other states as well.

American Government Resources - Most of our founding documents and important speeches are public domain, probably because we don't seem to actually believe or act on any of them any more. Still, that does simplify some things. Graphic organizers, Powerpoints, etc.

Oklahoma History Resources - I'm sure you out-of-state readers will find it amusing that this is even a subject - but we do teach it, and there are good parts. So, in the words of the immortal philosophers, shut up. 

Document Activities - Maybe the coolest things I've ever created for class, so I thought they deserved their own segment. 

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