Christmas (JS-3)

Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas was started around 376 A.D. Originally celebrating consisted of feasting, and service until the influence of a wonderful man, Saint Nicholas, upon which gifts began to be exchanged.

The holiday was not widely accepted until about twenty years after it started. Many thought they were treating Jesus’ birth as an excuse for feasting, and celebration, but others say the apostles spoke of it long ago. It was under debate for a while until Christians realized, of all events, they should most definitely be celebrating Jesus’ birth. The holiday is now commonly misconstrued as the celebration of a fat slave owner that flies around the world breaking and entering, leaving gifts as he goes on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. The name of this fat oaf is Santa Claus. This name comes from Saint Nicholas’ german nickname, Sinter Klaas. Saint Nicholas was a very wealthy, generous, and kind man, but Saint Nicholas already has a day, December 6th. So when that Santa loving fiend you call a friend says, “It’s only another name for Saint Nick,” -they probably won’t even say Nicholas- you tell them, “No it is lies.” When businessmen and salesmen saw the money they could earn off of Santa Claus they exploited until they could exploit no longer the benefits of the destruction of Christmas.

The Christmas tree comes, technically from the Germans, but since when is it that simple in world history. The decorating of homes with evergreen branches, boughs, and wreaths has been around for a very long time being used by many different cultures. In ancient Egypt they believed that winter was just the sun god, Ra, getting ill, and so at the solstice they decorated their homes with green palms in celebration of the god’s recovery. Similarly to Christian’s Good Friday, and Easter the Egyptians celebration was a celebration of their god’s victory over death. The Roman’s had a celebration called the Saturnalia which honored their god of agriculture, Saturn. The Vikings, Druid priests, and many others did it for roughly the same reasons. All of these people were putting the trees in their houses much before the German’s did. Now don’t get me wrong the Germans are the ones that introduced it to America, but the Germans didn’t create the tradition itself. The lighting of the tree can be credited to Martin Luther, founder of the Lutheran denomination. Martin first put candles on a tree in an attempt to share, with his family, the beautiful sight of stars shining on an evergreen. He saw it on his walk home on day, and had to share the awesome- real awesome, not the watered down awesome we throw around today-beauty he witnessed.

Many modern Christmas traditions come from the festival of Saturnalia. Such as the singing naked, and the eating of human shaped bread. Oh my bad, I forgot, we sing with our clothes on, and we eat gingerbread men. Rome and other Christian hotbeds of the world used to condone the raping, defiling, murdering, and maiming of Jews. And, now we believe that the raping, defiling, murdering, and maiming of Jews is not good behavior. But, we haven’t been doing that kind of thing for what, a-I’m really glad to say that cliche,”Age is only a number,” thing because it really hasn’t been that long since we stopped-hundred years, but hey, age ain’t nothing but a number baby.

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