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Holy Pedagogical Days (A Lesson In Progress)

Weird XmasI’m teaching AP World History for the first time this year, and it’s been… a fascinating challenge.

Fortunately, I’ve been in and around the world of AP and Pre-AP for nearly two decades, and I’m blessed to know several amazing APWH teachers and consultants – all of whom share generously and encourage unceasingly. There’s more of a learning curve than I care to admit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it immensely.

Most days.

Cutting Up Gum Based On Haircuts

MesopotamiansEven if all we care about are the standards and the exams and the skills and the content, the best way to make that medicine is with motivated, supported educators well-aware of expectations but with substantial autonomy to adopt and adapt as they see fit based on the kids in front of them and the unique reality they radiate. I’m not saying there’s no role for online courses or commonly agreed upon curriculum across your departments, but setting aside the ethics of treating students as interchangeable receptacles, the vast majority of the time it simply doesn’t work. 

Because they’re not.

Am I Teaching To The Test?

Ancient HistoryI'm teaching AP World History this year. It’s a first for me, and at times has proved a bit of a challenge. Do you have any idea how many cultures and nations and movements and causes and changes there are in the entire history of mankind? All interacting and comparing and evolving and being complicated?! With maps and graphs and primary sources and EVERYTHING?!?!

And She Meant It

Glowing GirlOne of my young ladies came in today all giddy and grinning. She'd just discovered she was one of a dozen or so nominees for Homecoming Queen. 

Now, before you start thinking in stereotypes, this isn't the girl you just pictured - she's not blond, she's not bubbly, she's not shallow, and she's not dating a football player. She's pretty and talented and good at school, yes - but in her own most interesting way.

Sargon and Eve

Sargon & EveDo you ever start off intending to write about one thing and no matter how much you try to stay on target, you keep shooting off an entirely different direction like a blog grocery cart full of one item and with a bad wheel (*squeak lurch squeak squeak lurch*) and although you’re desperately trying to steer back to what you set out to write about, you just… can’t – at least not until you’re s

Weird Silence

It’s funny the things that make us uncomfortable.

Not, like, in general. It’s not funny that snakes make me uncomfortable, or anyone messing with someone else’s eyeballs. Hair anywhere other than someone’s head. Dogs in the backs of moving pickup trucks. Those things should make anyone uncomfortable.

But it’s weird what can make us uncomfortable in our classrooms. One of them happened to me today.

Reflections On The Newiest of New School Years (Days One & Two)

My pacing was off today.

It’s funny that that’s what I’m taking home with me and into the weekend. Tomorrow – Friday, Day Three – is  a logistics day. It’s all orientation, pictures, and other “have to” stuff. That’s fine, and I don’t have to prepare much. Maybe I can get to know some of my kids a bit better along the way.

But right now I’m mostly just frustrated with myself – somewhat unfairly, I might add.

A Whole New (AP) World...

A Whole New (AP) World...

It's been a long time since I've been new at something related to school.

I've taught different subjects, moved to different rooms, met and collaborated with different co-workers, and of course each fall I've met and gotten to know whole new groups of students - but that's not the same as being new.