Oh, Were You Gone?

Boris & NatashaJust before Halloween (probably no connection), bad people (by which I of course mean the Russians) exploited a security hole in –

Actually, it doesn’t matter. The point is my websites died at their dirty little virtual hands. This one, my class website, my wife’s site, etc. Fast forward to the rebuild, and a few lessons learned during those two weeks.

(1) You can never over-backup stuff, and in various places and formats. Like lycopene, you can know theoretically you need more, but it’s tough to make it a priority on any given busy day.

(2) It’s funny how reassuring that stockpile of posts (eight months, less than 100 entries) must have been for their absence to be felt so strongly. At the same time, as I look back over the remnants – my wife having salvaged text copies of most – I had kinda remembered them being better. In other words, this blog and I have the same basic dynamics of a rather dysfunctional relationship. “I hate you – please don’t leave me.”

Fake Google Analytics(3) Google Analytics assures me that people were reading the blog – but mostly when I was on a rant about something - usually Dr. Barresi and the OKSDE. The sharper the sarcasm, the higher the views. This isn’t all bad, but it increases my conundrum regarding those posts. On the one hand, she’s all but gone – why invest the time necessary to recreate those posts? On the other, without them I’m rebuilding the blog version of ‘B-sides and Alternate Takes’… a kind of ‘Everything Except the Hits’ boxed set.

(4) I sometimes hate blogging, but I hate not blogging more. In this sense, it’s like exercise for me – I don’t necessarily look forward to it, it’s not usually pleasant while it’s happening, but I feel so much worse when I don’t do it. When I do it halfway well, however – it’s a decent, albeit temporary, feeling. Either can lead to chicken strips and tots.

(5) It sucks when you’re gone and the internet goes on without you. People still tweet, post to FB, blog, and otherwise commune about things OTHER THAN “Hey! When Will Blue Cereal Be Back Up and Edu-spiring the Masses?!?” I realize most of you were trying to be brave, and hide your pain, but a little hand-wringing and lamentation would have been understandable. Besides, it’s not healthy to hold in all of that suffering.

Boo Berry Cereal BoxI’ll be reposting many but not all of my past scintillations. As long as I’m having to recreate them from salvage anyway, I’ve been cleaning them up as I go. Some of them are better as a result, and most are at least shorter. The plethora of visuals may or may not be fully reinstituted, but I’m not sure that will break anyone’s heart. Mostly it just lowers the instances of copyright violation for which I’m culpable.

Those of you who subscribe may see some things again. While technically most of them have changed, it won’t hurt my feelings if you ignore the new & improved versions. On the other hand, can you ever REALLY get enough?

Feel free to email or DM with thoughts or questions along the way. The periodic interactions with those of you I’d never know otherwise really are the BEST part of this little vanity exercise. Play your cards right, I may share the tots.

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