Let's Have A Blue Christmas (Cup of Cheer)

Erin Barnes

I know, I know - we're barely getting through Thanksgiving here... let's go easy on the accelerator towards New Years, shall we?

But the Spirits have stirred and it's time to initiate the Second and Final Wave of Blue Cereal #11FF Steaming Hot Nectar Receptacles Away-Giving!

Er... you can win a Blue Cereal #11FF cup.

But they're pretty cool mugs, and the elitist cred you get simply for owning one is totes beyond. 

Beginning on Blue Friday (the day after Thanksgiving, November 27th, for you international types), I'll be giving away a cup-a-day to someone demonstrating #11FF-ness. 

Jed Lovejoy

What does that mean?

You push out blog posts or other wisdom from any #11FF or myself - usually by Tweeting a link w/ some adoring comment giving your followers some idea why they should check it out. Tag me (@BlueCerealEduc) so I'm aware of it, or use the hashtag #11FF so it will show up on my radar.

Facebook works fine as well, for you old-school types, but drop me a note letting me know it's there so I can throw your name in the mix of potential winners. 

Cathy Benge

Every 24 Hours between now and Xmas Eve, I'll randomly select a name from those sharing the #11FF love. I'll announce the winners on Twitter and Facebook, ask you to message or email me with a shipping address, and SUDDENLY YOU'RE THAT COOL!

I know, right?

Zen Teacher Cup Shirt ComboREMEMBER: It can be any Blue Cereal blog post (or anything else on the site worth sharing) since the beginning of time, OR any post or other brilliance from an established #11FF. Make sure you tag me and use #11FF so I don't miss it in the craziness that is 'holiday season'. 

Now, I think there's some pie left - maybe a croissant. Go enjoy, then start picturing yourself where you are right now, but with one of the few remaining, highly coveted Blue Cereal #11FF Cups in your hands as friends and loved ones look on with unfiltered envy and resentment. Isn't that was Christmas is all about?



It's funny - people ask the most reasonable questions...

"If I Tweet out an #11FF post but don't win THAT DAY, am I still in the mix?"  

"Do basic RTs count, or do I have to actually say something nice on my own?"  

"Why would I want another damn coffee cup, anyway?"

I don't always have good answers. They give me too much credit for having a clear plan. 

Our Winners So Far (Golly Jeepers This Is Exciting!)...

Blue Friday through Sunday (11/29/15):

Lloyd Snow, @LoydSnow1 (RT: "What's Next, #EdReform?")

Kris Giere, @KrisGiere (RT: One of Meghan Loyd's many efforts to win a mug by RTing "Inconceivable Conversations" - smart man.)

Meghan Loyd, @MeghanLoyd (for about a dozen RTs, mine and other #11FF's, and general desperation combined w/ adorableness)

Week Ending (12/5/15):

Christie Mansfield, @existentialIND (RT: "Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, and Napoleon")

Doug Robertson, @TheWeirdTeacher (for pushing out the Blue Xmas #11FF Cup of Cheer Contest to his eleventeen zillion adoring fans)

Amanda Smith, @manders416 (for several RTs, although the one that came out of the drawing was for "Volume & Power - A Borrowed Post")

Kimberly Blodgett, @KimberBlodgett (for pushing out last weekend's "Blue Serials (11/29/15)" weekly recap)

Chris Guckian, on Facebook (for sharing multiple posts on FB, and for making it worthwhile to stay on FB)

Kelley Morris, @MorrisKelley (for several RTs, including "Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, and Napoleon")

Rhonda Hlavatay, @APTeacher813 (for several tweets, although the drawing winner was a RT of one of my favorites, "Koko The Gorilla")

Week Ending (12/12/15):

David Roberts, @droberts302 (for saying wise, supportive things while sharing "Don't Worry, I Have A Plan #OklaEd!" and because I like his profile pic)

Sarah Thomas, @sarahdateechur (RT of "Blue Serials (12/6/15) and for being generally amazing)

Barbie Jackson, @JacksonGirl69 (RT of "Last Chance in Oklahoma" and for tolerating me during #OklaEd chats)

Beth Marks, @BethFUTURA (RT and cool reply of "Koko the Gorilla" - one of my personal favorites that gains you instant credibility for liking)

Marcia Dressel, @MarciaDressel (Shared "Let's Talk About Urinals" and did so w/ much praise and flattery, WHICH IS HOW ALL THINGS SHOULD BE DONE)

Rob Miller, @edgeblogger (SO MANY RTs and supportive things and seriously, how does he not already have a mug or shirt or something? The spirits have finally decided he's ready...)

Melinda Parks, @mcappsparks (RT w/ kind words for "Dear Frustrated Student..." and for sharing the BEST quotes!)

Rebecca O'Dell, @rebeccaodell10 (New Follower, which wasn't part of the contest, but the Spirits were insistent, so now that's part of the contest. They must really like her or something...)

Amy Berard@1amyberard (BONUS #11FF Cup Winner for doing the stuff the rest of us are either not called on or are unwilling to do - with style and integrity.)

Week Ending (12/19/15):

Michael Hall, @usamhall (RT of "Have a Cup of Cheer" combined w/ shamelessly asking - an approach few others have considered - bonus for forthrightness!)

Suzanne Sutton, @TheMsSutton (Shared "A School of Reindeer" and actually used the "required" #11FF tag - bonus for following the rules!)

Starr Sackstein, @mssackstein (Shared several posts, including "He Tests - He Scores!" and "Dear Frustrated Student..." - bonus for being a bit of a blogging hero to me!)

Amy Presley, @STLinOK (Shared "Dear Frustrated Student..." w/ great enthusiasm, added a music video to "Impossible School," AND used the "required" #11FF tag - bonus for Blue Cereal Trifecta!)

Kathy Dunn, @KathySDunn (Shared "Dear Frustrated Student..." and argued w/ me during #oklaed chat - effectively and w/ conviction AND reason - bonus ponits for making me question my own rhetoric!)

Nate Robson, @OKWNate (Shared, "Don't Worry, I Have A Plan #OklaEd" - bonus points for always making sure #oklaed is treated fairly but kept on our toes w/ his writing & reporting!) 

If you're on the Winner's List, DM or email me shipping info and I'll have the #11FF Elitist Mug for Steaming Hot Nectar on its way ASAP!



I'm just happy to have graced the page as an official #11FF member


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