Mama BirdSome days teaching feels like being a mama bird, catching and chewing the food and trying to spit it into beaks which remain stubbornly clamped shut. When you question the baby birds why they refuse to accept nourishment, they tell you plaintively that it's "too hard".

You go online looking for answers, and discover the majority of popular bird-blogs are mostly about how hungry baby birds are and how desperately they all want to chew on their own except that you're in the way. You are bewildered, and in the meatime the baby birds all starve to death. As a result, the state throws your nest on the ground and stomps on it b/c that's "higher standards."

I need a real job. Maybe state senator...

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging.


As usual, you cut right to the main issue that no one wants to talk about and point out the one thing no one sees and yet you still manage to do it with humor and wisdom. You're absolutely right here, btw. Thanks for your insight.


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