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Most of us at one time or another have considered leaving the classroom and pursuing other career options - especially during, say... March. It's during this stretch that different grass most often seems so much greener. 

Don't make big decisions during March.

Monty Python- Vocational Guidence Counselor


But I get it - sometimes you wonder what else might be out there. Maybe a different gig could be just as fulfilling... heck, maybe the right opportunity could be MORE fulfilling - if it's really your calling...

The Lumberjack Song


For those of us in the white collar world, the idea of working with your hands - maybe sweating a bit - does have some appeal.

Devo - Workin' In A Coalmine (Live On Countdown)


Everyone thinks they could teach - better than any of us actually DOING it - but we're not the only ones who deal with such silliness. Imagine what it's like to be an author... "Yeah, I've been thinking about writing a book myself..."

Paperback Writer- The Beatles (Lyrics).wmv


Coding is the new 'business degree' (how many times have we been trapped in the 'if only we could get every child coding...' discussion?) It must pay more than teaching, and surely they're richly fulfilled every damn day, right?

Code Monkey Jonathan Coulton Lyrics Kinetic Typography (shorter version)


Maybe a balance between creativity and practical production - say... something in fine foods?

Moxy Fruvous -- Johnny Saucep'n


Then again, why be practical? We're teachers - if we're going to leave one idealized gig, why not do so for another? Maybe something more generally romanticized, if a bit anachronistic?

Boy's Don't Cry - I Wanna Be A Cowboy


Perhaps even something of which every kid used to dream at one time or another -

Agent Ribbons - Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus (Live at Amoeba)


OK, maybe a little more practical than that. No need to leave one profession before testing the waters on another, right? Maybe the right summer gig...

I Wanna Be A Lifeguard by Blotto


I'm pretty sure I'd have to take my shirt off for that one, and that's not something any of us want to see. Surely I could see the country full dressed...?

R.E.M. - Driver 8


Did I say see the country? Why not the world?! And while serving my country... {Jay Warning: One adults-only word ahead.}

Army (University A Cappella Version)


If irony is your thing, you might consider the chosen profession of our FORMER Superintendent. I tell my students I became a teacher in order to make young people suffer - this could serve that function as well...

Little Shop of Horrors - Dentist Song


Then again, not a fan of saliva. Maybe a medical professional of another variety?

Jackson Browne - Doctor My Eyes + lyrics


At the very least I'd like to be in charge of something. Maybe have a cool hat...

They Might Be Giants - The Cap'm (Official Audio)


*SIGH* Maybe the problem is thinking in terms of 'professions' and 'careers' anyway... perhaps something more - shall we say - 'transcendental'? {Skip this one, Jay - vitriol & obscenities ahead...}

Bowling For Soup - "Right About Now"


I'd wrap up with something about staying put and finish with a 'teacher' song, but let's be honest - they're all creepy as hell. "Teach Me Tonight," "Don't Stand So Close to Me," and all those songs from the 70's about how horrible schools and teachers are to children. It's almost as if kids who do great within the confines of the system are less likely to go on to become rock stars...

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