Blue Serials (9/4/16)

What A Saturday Morning. Here's hoping we can have similar impact in social and political circles.

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Stuff You Simply SHOULD NOT Miss in Edu-Bloggery This Past Week:

The Zen TeacherTeacher Self-Care For The New School Year (A Guide) - Dan Tricarico, aka The Zen Teacher, gives us what he gives best. Reasonable perspective, calm words, and unvarnished honesty.

This post is mostly a 9-minute video of Dan getting all kinda Zen Real on the Interwebs, and it's 9 minutes well-spent. He'll inrease your brainwaves while lowering your blood pressure - and I, for one, could use both of those adjustments. 

Follow @TheZenTeacher on the Twitters, and breathe. There's nothing creepy New Age about breathing, people. 

Besides, you're going to need to breathe if you're paying any attention at all to politics these days...

Running Through ElementaryGently Seething - Amanda Smith, on Running Through Elementary, is a tiny bit... troubled by not only the actions, but the attitudes and apparent mindsets of our state leadership.

So she's expressing those frustrations - in a healthy, constitutionally protected way. On her blog. And she's right. Tragically, completely right. 

And it would be wrong of me to laugh as I read them - not because I disagree, and certainly not in disparagement, but because her pithy pissiness, while genuine, is also rather amusing. 

I mean, I'm outraged as well - but she's just so good at it. I... I... 

I kinda want her to be outraged more. Does that make me a bad person? Follow @runningthroughelem on the Twitters and express yourself back. #oklaed

Meghan LoydDear Oklahoma State Legislature - Meghan Loyd, on The Odyssey Online, does just what her title suggests and writes an open letter to our state leadership. 

For those of you outside Oklahoma, first - congratulations. Second, our state legislature has been... less than supportive about public education. They keep changing the rules repeatedly then complaining we're not efficient enough while we constantly adjust to keep up. They do everything possible to eliminate sources of revenue, cut our funding more than any other state in the Union, then mock us when we protest and accuse us of constantly begging for more when will it ever be enough throwing money at a problem doesn't solve everything you stupid teachers!

It's really quite disheartening.

Loyd handles it better than most, and this brief post is both poignant and reasonable.

Follow @meghanloyd on the Twitters and be poignant and reasonable as well. #oklaed

Mr. AndersonTo Give Yourself Up Completely - Peter Anderson, on Mr. Anderson Reads & Writes, has been an all-kinds-of-legit-serious, ELA-embracing, pedagogy-loving, children-are-the-future-ing blogmeister recently. 

He's apparently taken a short breather, just long enough to do some soul-baring introspection and share it with us. "I’ve struggled to unhook my self-esteem from the predictably unpredictable rhythms of school life," he says. 

Oh man, I totally get that. It's just I haven't even tried to unhook anything. 

Follow @MrAndersonELA on the Twitters and get real in some of the most challenging ways. Thing is, I always go forth either motivated or amused after reading what he has to say. 

Heck - sometimes both!

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I hate to finish on a downer, but then again I'm not sure that's what this is. 

Tulsa VoiceThe State We're In (Oklahoma's Fractured Narrative) - Barry Friedman, of The Tulsa Voice, just dropped his pen to explain what condition our condition is in.

It hurts so beautifully harsh and stings so painfully true - a poignant exercise in Okla-Reality S&M. Friedman's not an edu-blogger so much as a news analyst / editorial writer, but this piece is too important to let little things like genre get in the way. Besides, the writing... oh, the writing.

I wouldn't necessarily marry his writing, but I'd fling dollar bills at it repeatedly throughout the evening. It's that good. I may share this one every week between now and the elections.

Follow @TheTulsaVoice on the Twitters and let them hurt you more. The way they do it, you'll thank them for it. #oklaed





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