Blue Serials (9/18/16)

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Here Are A Few Things You Absolutely SHOULD NOT MISS From The Past Week in Edu-Bloggery...

OKEducationTruthsNot Pictured - Rick Cobb, OKEducationTruths. I'm not a guy who always looks for the most dramatic story or the saddest example. I assure you, Cobb is even less so.

But that doesn't mean we can ignore the kids whose worlds are those dramatic or sad stories, either. We can't just prioritize the easy kids, the fun kids, the ones who look good on the home page of our school websites, and set the uncomfortable minority to the side. You're thinking of those other schools. 

...with all the budget cuts in all the agencies that serve this state, none of us who advocate for public schools have wanted to take all the available money. We want to restore the services that help our kids. We also want the other agencies that serve our kids to have the resources they need too.

Anything else I try to type by way of commentary just leaves me in a blind rage at power and elitism and slander and dark money. But in the meantime we can hug them and smile at them and let them pull our hair. 

The kids, I mean - not the powerful elitists. That would be weird. 

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Rob MillerLooking for Hope - Rob Miller, A View From The Edge. I'm not a guy who always looks for the most inspiring story or the shining positives amidst the nonsense. I assure you, however, that Miller kinda is sometimes.


Miller's style is different than Cobb's, and both are different than mine (for which I'm sure they're eternally grateful). But they love their kids, and they'll fight for them unflaggingly. They will each, however, expect you to step up as well...

Hope and change come from us, each one of us. They do not come from politicians or policies... Hope. It starts with you. God put it there. Use it.

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JennWillTeachMy Reading for Pleasure Class Responds to The New Yorker - Jennifer Williams, JennWillTeach. Williams doesn't like it when uppity periodicals - and from the North, too - sound the generational alarm that "kids these days something something doom they're stupid it's bad blah blah blah..." 

So she figured she'd give her students a chance to respond - at least in class and on her blog - to the suggestion that they don't read "real books" anymore. (The article also suggests they're unable to do anything besides worship their phones all day, but I know THAT can't be true because they can't ALL be school administrators at this age.)

Age should not dictate how much a person reads or what a person reads. Naturally, older generations will read different literary works than what we read in the present day. This article simply is the opinion of an entitled, pretentious, and ignorant man...

I am a firm believer that it is easier for someone to make assumptions of others than taking a hard look at themselves. If they did, they would see they are throwing stones when they live in a glass house...

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MrsDSingsThere Must Be Some Kinda Way Outta Here... - Mindy Dennison, This Teacher Sings. Dennison is tired, and she's noticing that many others are as well. There's even a touch of "sick and" often squeezing itself in. 

In the education world, I notice morale is low. Many “money-saving” steps were taken concerning personnel in all districts, but those jobs still have to be done by somebody. That makes for a lot of frazzled people trying to wear multiple hats, some of which may be a poor fit. Class sizes are up, course offerings are down... 

And yet, teachers are putting on their happy faces because two things are still true: (1) It’s going to get worse before it gets better. (2) None of this is the kids’ fault.

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Stand4ChildrenOKWe Cannot and We Must Not Accept This Reality - Amber England, Stand for Children (Oklahoma). This one is actually from, um... July.

But I re-fell in love with Amber England this past week attending the Oklahoma Watch Forum on SQ779. England has that wonderful combination of knowledge, passion, and awareness that leaves me both jealous and intoxicated. Here she demonstrates all three:

I cannot accept and I refuse to accept a reality where black and brown children come to school every day worried their mommies and daddies may not make it home from work because of a busted tail light. I will not accept a reality where those who serve to protect us are gunned down in anger and frustration over races relations...

The path forward to make that happen is through a quality public education. Every child must have access to a quality school, no matter the city or neighborhood they call home. Every child must have a quality teacher guiding their learning. And every school must have the tools and resources needed to provide a quality education to every single child.

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That's it this week, my Eleven Faithful Followers. Stay strong, stay focused, and talk to everyone you know about #OKElections16. GET INVOLVED, or you're actively supporting the status quo.  

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