April 2017

Helen Churchill Candee & Oklahoma Boosterism (Part Two)

HCCIf for some strange reason you’ve not already read Part One several times already and copied favorite bits onto sticky notes to post around your bedroom and kitchen, I there waxed adoring over Helen Churchill Candee and her first extensive article about life in Oklahoma Territory, published in The Forum, June 1898. She wrote at least three other articles about O.T. in the time she lived there, all very positive towards her temporary homeland but varied in style and focus. 

Helen Churchill Candee & Oklahoma Boosterism (Part One)

HCC1Helen Churchill Candee came to Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory (O.T.) in the mid-1890s, primarily drawn by its lax divorce laws. She brought her two children, Edith and Harold, and ended up staying for several years. I carried on at some length ]]last time about how fascinating I’ve come to find this enigmatic chronicler – particularly in terms of her empathetic pith and generous promotion of early Oklahoma.  

It’s really quite unhealthy on my part, I’m sure.


Addicted To Candee

HCC BlueHistory is full of people. I know, kinda self-evident – right? Like, obviously.

But stop and think for a moment about everyone you currently know or know of – people you love, people you envy, people you admire, even people you kinda wish would get eaten by aliens. Everyone. Now multiply that number by, oh… let’s say infinity. That’s essentially how many people have lived at some point, but who you’ll never meet.