December 2016

Steady Blue Party-Planning Koalas (Guest Blogger: Megan Harju)

Megan HarjuMy name is Megan Harju. I am a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Nonprofit Studies. Usually at this point in my introduction, I get asked questions like, “Are you crazy? How do you plan on using both of those when you graduate?” My answer goes something like, “I hope to someday work for a nonprofit as an engineer that puts solar-powered microgrids in villages without electricity in developing nations.”

It makes me sound WAY smarter than I am, I promise.

Why Don't You Just MAKE Them?

Mean Teacher SnapeThe most adorable befuddlement comes over non-educators when the subject of student learning or behavior is brought up. And it’s completely understandable. Many of them have rose-damaged memories of their own school years – teachers wielding yardsticks, parents spanking and grounding, and a pervasive respect/terror of any and all authority figures. It's a wonder we haven't raised an entire generation of serial killers if even half these recollections are true.

Let's Talk About Vouchers, Part Four (The Story So Far)

Meet Betsy DeVosI’m working my way through Supreme Court cases related to “separation of church and state” as it impacts public education. Most of these involved prayer or religious instruction, although I’d hoped to get into some of the more interesting stuff like the Amish pulling their kids out of school after 8th grade or “After School Satan Clubs.”

Yes, really. It’s fascinating stuff.

The Wrong Enemies

Plethora ProblemFellow public school educator-types, we have a problem. 

OK, we have a plethora of problems currently, both locally and nationally, but in this case I’m talking about something we can actually control. I’ll confess up front that I’ve been one of the worst offenders. And I’m sorry. 

We’ve been choosing the wrong enemies. 

Let's Talk About Vouchers, Part One (What Happened In Cleveland?)

Angry ElephantThe Oklahoma GOP has for some time now held unchecked control of both the State Legislature and the Governor’s chair. Voters have handed them the keys, a 12-pack of Keystone, and encouraged them to have their way with the state. You’ve no doubt noticed the resulting prosperity trickling down all around you.