November 2016

Ten Truths For The Overwhelmed Student

Miyagi I hear you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with school - and maybe with life, too. Fortunately, I'm old and wise, and maybe I can help. 

Normally I'd start by asking you what's on your mind, or what you think is causing your difficulties. Being as how this is a blog, however, and a bit... one-directional, I'll just skip to the wisdom and insight. It applies most of the time anyway. 

Freedom of Choice

As if the cutting-edge special effects and thespian excellence weren't enough, Devo ushered in the 1980's with rather high expectations of their listening audience. It wasn't enough for us to merely whip it - we were expected to whip it good. On the title track of the same album, they scolded us for demanding "freedom of choice," while in the same breath accusing us of not even wanting it - not really.

We were still getting over disco and they hit us with this philosophical barrage? No wonder they couldn't get no satisfaction.

Liar, Liar, Twitterpants on Fire (A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Part Three)

Confederate FlagAnd then the South began writing the history of the war and the events which led to it. The war they’d lost. The one fought over a variety of issues, but in which slavery and its continuation were central and essential as defined by the South in the very documents they issued to justify their cause. Only suddenly the war hadn’t been about slavery at all. In fact, the South was collectively rather wounded at the suggestion! Slavery?! You think – you think this was about SLAVERY?

Imagine what'd they'd have rewritten if they'd WON?

Forever Unfit To Be A Slave (A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Part Two)

FD Learning To ReadHere’s the number one reason governments and religions and parents and schools ban whatever they ban: it’s nearly impossible to maintain the illusion you’re doing someone a huge favor by keeping them locked under the staircase once they’ve visited Hogwarts – even by proxy. The power to question is the power to overcome.

Secession & Superiority (A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Part One)

South Carolina was upset that the North allowed so much discussion of things which threatened their way of life and went against their beliefs. They listed as one of their central reasons for trying to break the country their collective outrage that other states weren’t doing enough to stifle debate.

Their little white feelings were hurt and their dominant role in the world inconvenienced. Poor things.

A Wall of Separation - The Story So Far...

Church and StateNow that the elections are over and all that is good or true in the world has been destroyed, I'm trying to shift my focus back to educational stuff. You know, the things that at one time seemed important enough to shape the title of this blog?

Here's my in-progress summary of cases involving church/state issues in relation to public schooling - and a few which aren't.

Reading in Social Studies

Reading Sets You FreeI'm a big fan of reading in social studies. I realize there are reasons we don't do more of it, but I don't want 'lack of ideas' to be one of them. Questions about why and how and when to fit in reading to an already overcrowded schedule deserve more time and wisdom than I'm able to give them here, but that hasn't stopped me from anything else on this site, so...

The People Have Spoken, #OklaEd

Well, that didn’t go well. 

Boxer Glue Factory

I’m not even going to talk about the national elections, other than to note we sent back to the U.S. Congress – by wide margins – the exact sorts of people I’m regularly criticized for assuming the majority of Oklahomans support. So… I’ll let you work that out. 

But the state elections. I just…

I really thought they’d go better.