May 2016

Open Letter to Legislators: Should You Legislate the Bible?

Church & State StreetsShould you legislate the Bible? I ask because it seems every time we read about something controversial being pushed through the legislature, the story is accompanied by a quote from the bill’s sponsor blaming God.

We’ve been told that Jesus is against handgun registration, that the Bible frowns on people of different genders using neighboring bathroom stalls, and that while God doesn’t want young ladies to know where babies COME from, He DOES insist they know how magical and special the little critters are up until they’re born, at which point He loses complete interest in them. Jesus never did like children, as I recall.

Across The Aisle

Frantic TypingSince late December, I’ve been doing my best to profile sitting legislators and introduce education-friendly candidates running for state office in 2016. My critiques of sitting legislators have been diverse, but I’m pretty much only highlighting new candidates I support. 

This may not be ‘fair’, but I’m not a news source – I’m an education blog. I advocate. Like a mofo. 

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy... (5/15/16)

Try Not To Cry

Sometimes your mind and your emotions reach a point that they click 'off' as a sort of survival mechanism. That's what happened to me this week as I sat at Mom's Family Diner (41st & Mingo. Oh My-Baby-Elvis-in-a-Manger IS IT GLORIOUS!) catching up on the week's news.

Clearly I should have been drinking something stronger than coffee. Then again, it was 6:30 in the morning.