April 2016

The Oklahoma Constitution (Part Three)

Sophisticated ReadingThe next several paragraphs – updated since the original – are less exciting. They detail how Senate and House Districts will be established, requirements for running for state office, blah blah blah. Our state legislature is limited to meeting from February through May, other than a few housekeeping duties which begin just prior. There are deadlines and limits throughout those four months, presumably designed to not only bring some order to the chaos, but to limit how much damage they can do in a given year.

So that part could have worked out better.

Blue Cereal Legislator Profile (Updated): Rep. Jadine Nollan (R), District 66 - #OKElections16



Jadine Nollan is a Sand Springs girl through and through. I’m not sure what that means to you, but I’d have to count that one as working in her favor. 

Sand Springs, for those of you who don’t know, is a large enough community to avoid some of the podunkery associated with the more rural areas of the state, but small enough to maintain some of them there ‘Oklahoma values.’

Blue Cereal Candidate Profile: Judy Mullen Hopper (D), Running for Senate District 47 - #OKElections16

Hopper Header

Judy Mullen Hopper has in some ways become a symbol for the dozens of educators running for state office this year. She’s probably the most-quoted member of that diverse group as state media has suddenly perked up in recent weeks, and for good reason – she’s us.

Just Teach The Curriculum (Leave That Other Stuff At Home)

TouchyFeely1There’s a cliché in education about teaching the child, not merely the subject. The more annoying version is that students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I’m not in love with either platitude, but like most things with unfortunate sticking power, they’re not entirely wrong.