March 2016

Blue Cereal Celebration: Hit Me Baby, One More Time

There's nothing sadder than not talking about me anymore.

I mean, we can still TALK about me. Often. In glowing terms. But the week devoted specifically TO that purpose is rapidly drawing to a close. 

But it's not over yet. So hit me baby, one more time. (Situations like this are pretty much what that song is about, right? In my naive youthful innocence I can never be sure.)

Time to Get Involved - #OKElections16

VotingI wanted to compile a short list of talking points, a resource
for educators or parents willing to encourage others to get more involved in state elections but unsure what to say. My goal was for it to be succinct, informative, and relatively free of tone and attitude, so as to be more palatable to the masses.

I think it at least ended up relatively informative. Modify tone and length as you see fit.