January 2016

Twelve Grand Truths of Leading a Workshop

Yoda Wise

Dear Workshop Leader,

Don’t take this personally. I’ve been where you are right now, plenty of times, and I know it’s not an easy task. 

Any time you’re trying to drag a roomful of teachers through required district PD, or breakout sessions at a conference somewhere, or state training on the latest curriculum hoops, it’s a tough gig. Teachers make the worst students.

Blue Serials (1/17/16)

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy...

In a state where it's always a tough time to be a public school teacher, we're seeing new lows in state revenue, intellectual honesty, and warm fuzzies towards public ed. It matters, and many of the strongest edu-bloggers and reporters in the state are writing and analyzing and challenging and inspiring all over this mess. You should totally go read them (start here or here if you're not sure where to begin).

May I Please See?

Annoying Teachers

Teachers can be a stubborn lot. 

To be fair, in this profession, we kinda have to be. Trying to steer 34 teenagers at a time into meaningful learning while trapped in a concrete box an hour at a time against their will requires, well… a certain amount of stubbornness. Sometimes it works, other times – not so much.