October 2015

Blue Serials (11/1/15) **Special Edition**

Well, I'll Be Darned! - #OklaEd Legend Rob Miller hit something like a zillion page views this past week...

And - being the way he is - used the occasion to credit and thank others for all they've done instead. Rather than sing his praises even more (why ruin him by letting it all go to his head?), I'll simply share a few of my favorites from recently and not-so-recently, so that if you're new, you can see why he's such a big friggin' deal to the rest of us. But first... "Celebration":

Joan of Awkward, Part Two - Hide It Under A Footnote? No! I'm Gonna Let It Shine...

Joan VoicesThe story of Joan of Arc forces historians to deal with overtly spiritual claims and potentially miraculous outcomes in ways historians do not generally wish to do. We’ll cover the role of religion in the most general ways, if absolutely necessary, but we DON’T LIKE TO TALK ABOUT IT IF WE DON’T HAVE TO. 

We don’t actually like to talk about it even when we DO have to. 

Joan of Awkward, Part One - Missing Voices

Joan BannerSomewhere around age 13, Joan begin having visions and hearing voices from Saint Michael, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine – telling her from God that she must be a good girl and stay faithful, and that she had a destiny and purpose far beyond her upbringing.

Divine communication. It’s a large part of what makes her so fascinating. It’s also the kind of thing which makes historians crazy, you understand...

I Agree With Jay - Whiny, Lazy, Teachers

Cronley HeadingA few days ago, Jay Cronley of the Tulsa World wrote an editorial which sent legendary #oklaed blogger Rob Miller a bit over that edge from which he otherwise enjoys the view. In it, Cronley suggests that schools receiving poor marks on the state's vague, insulting, widely discredited A-F report card stop their whining and simply do what schools getting high grades do.

I'm all for that. It's embarrassingly obvious, in retrospect - if you want a better football team, publicly degrade the coach, sure. But just as critically, only accept good players on your team. That's how the so-called "real world" works, yes?

Blue Serials (10/25/15)

Batman FailI'm pretty sure the appropriate thing for a blog like mine to do this time of year is to adapt a Halloween theme in some unnecessary way and dress it up with trite visuals. I am, of course, SO above that.

It's pure coincidence that everything you should have read this past week involves something scary. Stop judging me. 

Hetalia: Axis Powers (Toast With A Big Boot!)

Hetalia2It wasn’t a question of whether I liked it or didn’t so much as my having no idea what the crap monkey flight pink was going on. It was fast, and loud, and grating, and musical, and soft, and allegorical, and funny, and satirical, and juvenile, and multi-layered, and – and then suddenly the first episode was over. I should watch a few more. FOR THE CHILDREN.