September 2015

Singing Bi, Bi, For Our Money Supply...

Silver & GoldTalking economics in high school is like trying to diagram sentences in another language. Students’ brains are not acclimated to this sort of information; they’ve experienced relatively little of the real world, financially speaking. Then again, when it comes to economics, WE don’t actually know what we’re talking about half the time. Most economic theories are made up AFTER stuff happens, then applied backwards to prove that whatever happened HAD to, and explaining why – until next time, when it works differently. It can be a bit of a mess.

Let's Have A (Populist) Party!

Farm MachineAs the century approached another turn, farmers across the Great Plains were enduring hard times. They were growing and raising more good stuff than ever before! Wheat! Corn! Cotton! Moo-cows! Chickens! Tomatoes! Quiche! But thanks to the laws of supply and demand, the more they raised, the lower the selling price. That’s great for those purchasing, but suck city for those producing. Throw in improved agriculture in Europe, and the American farmer was in a world of hurt.

Why Kids Learn (a.k.a 'The Seven Reasons Every Teacher Must Know WHY Kids Learn!')

To Save Time

I’ve been in the classroom for 16 years and doing this blog for about 18 months. I don’t have a Master’s Degree in anything, nor am I pursuing one. I don’t like most edu-books and haven’t done independent research on how or why kids learn or don’t. I consider myself thus supremely qualified to write on this topic.

There will be no footnotes. 

Learning R.E.M.

Fables of the ReconstructionR.E.M. was writing about strangely familiar experiences in enigmatic ways and with more complex emotions than I was prepared to understand. They used their words and their instruments very differently from either ‘classic rock’ OR the Osmonds, and it wasn’t easy to get my brain around. Partly I simply lacked the exposure and intellect to be easily reached by their art; mostly I lacked the motivation - until other considerations nudged me through.


Karmapology - I Saw ThatI'd like to officially apologize to every teacher who, over the past four or five years, has complained to me about 'helicopter parents' or told wild stories about crazy student family members swooping in to make everything dramatic and difficult - often at great expense not only to the blood pressure of the involved teachers, but to the long-term well-being of the students themselves. Oh what a fool. What a vain, idiotic, foolishly foolish fool I was. I'm so sorry.

Dolph & Lana Break The Rules

Picasso CoupleThey’re not standardized. They’re not career-oriented. They're not perpetually preparing for whatever's coming NEXT. While they have a quirky diversity of interests and tastes, they rarely put in time or effort mastering subjects they couldn't possibly care about. Their work ethic is unimpeachable, but both have passed up fiscal progress in order to live where they’re happy TODAY, and do that about which they’re passionate NOW.

In short, they’re doing everything completely wrong.