July 2015

Sam Patch (Part Two)

AJ and SPAfter six presidencies of consciously ‘elite gentlemen’ – rich, white, educated males – Jackson was a game changer. Sure, he was a white guy – but he grew up all kinda poor, and lacked a formal education until early adulthood. The expansion of voting rights and other civic validity which allowed such a thing, and which continued to expand during and after his presidency, is even named after him: “Jacksonian Democracy.” It’s a trend of which we’re generally proud two centuries later. Maybe the “all men” created equal in 1776 were a fairly limited bunch, but over time we’ve stretched that to cover quite a variety of colors and socio-economic statuses. Heck, we even let girls vote now – that’s getting serious.

Entrance Videos (Updated)

Blue Cereal EntranceI can't stop thinking how much I need an entrance video. OK, 'need' might be a little strong, but 'want' sounds so selfish - and you know all I do here is for YOU, and for THE CHILDREN. So maybe what I should say is that I want an entrance video to better help prepare and guide YOU, my Eleven Faithful Followers (#11FF) and to then - by proxy - better inspire and enlighten the children.

State Testing: The Ultimate Solution

End of the WorldWe’re can’t even agree on WHAT we should be measuring – which subjects, which skills, and at what level. Should we one day solve that (we won’t), we’ll still have to reach some sort of consensus HOW we can evaluate whatever it is with any sort of accuracy or consistency (we can’t) – and all at lowest-bidder prices.

Fear not, my Eleven Faithful Followers – for I am about to reveal to you the final truth regarding this matter. I am confident my solution is both eloquent and attainable, for that is how I roll. You might want to sit down for this.

The Other (Two)

Super PatrioticGiven the ‘All Men Are Created Equal’-ness of our founding ideals, how is it that we retain such an entrenched sense of ‘The Other’? I respectfully suggest it’s a combination of five factors. I make no claim they hold equal sway or interact in any sort of conscious or rational way.