October 2014

They're Not Tights - They're Leggings!

Girl in Tights There’s a letter making the rounds on social media apparently written by a high school student to her principal protesting the school’s dress code. The gist of it is that girls are busted for dress code far more than boys, it’s not the girl’s responsibility to control boys’ thoughts and lusts, dress codes create a ‘rape culture’, and basically demanding – as a blow for female equity – that girls should be able to dress as they damn well please at school or anywhere else.

I have nothing against this young lady or her stand, and appreciate anyone able to make their case (in writing, no less!) and support it with whatever reasoning they have on hand. I don’t buy her argument, but that’s OK, too.

"Extra" Curriculars

Three R'sIt’s difficult to question things we don’t realize we assume. For example, few of us ponder why we easily trust our family doctor to diagnose pretty much ANY part of our body, internal or external, except our mouth. Our mouth, it seems, is so darned complicated and unique compared to, say, our aortic valve or epidermal sheath, that only SPECIAL DIFFERENT OTHER TYPES OF DOCTORS can even LOOK at this oral outlier.

Advice for the Next State Superintendent of Public Instruction (OK)

Mr./Ms. NewSupt – let me help you out. You’re walking into a no-win situation in many ways, but that’s OK. We’re teachers and we know all about devoting time and energy to futile efforts. In order to help smooth your transition to power and better navigate the rocky political shores of #oklaed, I’ve compiled a handy dandy guide for your pedagogical and popular success.

This is not a countdown – you may move these around as you see fit and the blinding wisdom stays just as blinding. There’s no cost for these, either. I’m not seeking patronage or fiscal gain. This is for you. And our teachers. And Oklahoma. This is for… *sniff*… THE CHILDREN.

Seven Steps to Personal and Professional Growth, Feat. Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry CoverMy ELA comrades are fond of discussing ‘universal themes’ and ‘common plots’ in literature and in life. I can’t speak to every book ever written, but I will confess I have a much better idea of who’s going to die and who’s going to betray the hero in any decent sci-fi or superhero movie now that I’ve sat in on a few literature classes.