June 2014

Where Can I Find This Rooster?

I love my kids, but I haven't found them to be particularly self-driven about anything tied to this week's state standards. There are important discussions to be had about whether we've trained them from an early age that under no circumstances will we allow them to fail at anything, ever - especially in school. But those sound hard, and I don't feel like it.

Tips for Inexperienced Flyers

I’m not the hardened traveler some of you are, but before I enter that category and lose all touch with ‘normal’ flyers, I thought it might prove helpful to compile a brief list of tips for the first-time or periodic air traveler. This is a bit outside what I normally write about here, and also – I confess – a bit self-serving, because…

You people are making this harder for the rest of us. Or, more specifically – ME. And that’s really what matters here, although in the interest of social mores I’m going to frame this as if I’m doing it to help YOU. I’m a giver like that.