March 2014

All I Need Is This Lamp...

If you want to completely derail any meeting of three or more educators - teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators, outside consultants, or whatever - ask what our priorities should be.

You know, as educators - what are our priorities for the kids? It's hard to make a good plan without a clear target, so what are we trying to accomplish - you know, ideally?

It's a pretty easy question until you try to limit yourself to a reasonable number.

What Are We FOR?

This was the post that prompted me to set up an actual blog, shortly before the #OKEdRally in OKC on March 31st, 2014. It was also the first thing to get a response I liked better than my actual post. Both are reproduced in full here: 

What exactly are we for? 

I think this is worth considering anyway, but particularly so for Oklahoma educators planning on storming the Capitol in a few weeks. You never know, after all, who might ask.