Blue Cereal Candidate Profile - Kimberly Fobbs (D), Running for Senate District 33 - #OKElections16

Mr. & Mrs. FobbsWhen she was five years old, just starting kindergarten in Cleveland, Ohio, she discovered that the school library would only check out books deemed ‘age appropriate’ for the student. What no doubt had begun with good intentions had become policy, and policy had become doctrine. That’s the kind of thing that used to happen in education, long ago. It led to some pretty silly rules. Way back in the day.

Contact (Guest Blogger - Kayla Bilby-West)

Kayla ContactKayla was a student of mine about a thousand years ago, and even back then it was pretty clear she wasn't even remotely normal. 

This was and is mostly a good thing. 

As she became a real person over time, she grew up in knowledge and wisdom, experience and style. Her passion, however, has been there at least since she was 14. Of that, I can assure you.